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New Edition is a Dutch company that specialises in the development of licensed and bespoke home and lifestyle products and designs for the Dutch brands Pip Studio and vtwonen. By bringing all departments - development, production, marketing and sales - under one roof they have been able to successfully introduce high-quality lifestyle products into the market for the last 10 years.

Our story

New Edition is managed by Niels Seuren and Wouter Wigbers, the logo plays on Niels' and Wouter's initials. The ‘e’ in New is also an ampersand that brings the ‘N’ and ‘W’ together. The ampersand is used as an icon in the house style, and stands for collaboration. At New Edition we are all involved, working together in a close-knit team, with our partners and with customers.

Twice per year New Edition launches new collections: a spring summer collection, and an fall winter collection. Product categories range from dinner services, to home textiles and lifestyle accessories, to mugs and loungewear.

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  • 2014 Creation: New Edition Home set up by Margriet Timmerman, Wouter Wigbers and Niels Seuren. Move to a new office and showroom building on Hendrik Figeeweg in Haarlem.
  • 2017 Pip Studio anniversary: New Edition celebrates Pip Studio's 10th anniversary with a special anniversary collection. New Edition gets its own office dog - Puck!
  • 2018 Record: New Edition passes the magic sales level of 2.5 million mugs worldwide.
  • 2019 New Edition GmbH: New Edition opens its first direct sales office in Germany.
  • 2020 Change of Directors: Niels Seuren and Wouter Wigbers carry on with New Edition. New Edition becomes the new licence partner of Pip Studio for the Bags and Lounge-wear product groups.
  • 2024 10 year anniversary: New Edition celebrates its first 10 years and launches a new logo with a new slogan ""driven by living"". vtwonen also celebrates an anniversary in 2024: its 60th birthday!


Niels and Wouter turned their favourite hobby into a business. After years spent working for someone else in the industry and building up a large network, they decided to launch their own business in 2014. With Pip Studio right alongside them, and very soon afterwards also vtwonen, they jumped onto a moving train that has just kept on rolling.

Niels and Wouter launched New Edition Home together with Margriet Timmerman, and since 2020 the two of them have run the company. The combination of Niels' management skills and Wouter's creative genius has visibly been a successful formula from the start. In the meantime Pip Studio and vtwonen products have been sold in over 40 countries around the world.

Niels and Wouter draw their inspiration from everything in their world; from daily life. They are obsessed 24/7 with everything to do with lifestyle and living. "This is our favourite hobby, it fills us with energy", say Niels and Wouter. The result is that New Edition goes one step further, and constantly releases new quality products onto the market.

“ Driven by Living “

Our team

From idea to reality: Niels and Wouter are involved in the whole production process. They work on this with a small and committed team, for established businesses. Find out more about the people behind the development, production, marketing and sales.

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Nice products shouldn't damage the world, which is why we are continuously seeking to improve. Read below what we are doing in the area of sustainability.

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